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AAS Authentication Platform

Maipu AAS enterprise version is Linux based platform provides the user ID authentication, user access authorization, WiFi online marketing, service data analysis and other functions, applicable to LAN Network AAA, 3G/4G Network AAA, WLAN Network AAA, VoIP AAA and other user access scenarios, providing the integrated solution of the user authentication and WiFi marketing for the enterprise. It can be installed on virtual machine.

Maipu AAS supports the current mainstream AAA authentication technologies, including TACACS+ authentication, PPP/PAP/CHAP/MSCHAP authentication, 802.1X EAP authentication, web authentication, LDAP/SQL/TEXT database format and 3rd party Radius platform and so on, and supports the SSID binding in the WLAN scenario, IP address delivering, time based authentication and other authentication binding functions, compatible with the standard networking products from the main vendors.

Maipu AAS provides the rich Portal templates, helping the enterprise create the micro portal fast, and rapidly promoting the enterprise brand image. The platform provides the self-service marketing function for the user, allowing customers to quickly promote hot products and preferential information.

Maipu AAS provides SMS, two-dimension code, authentication-free, and other authentication modes, solving the problem of fast accessing Internet for the user, so that more users can access Internet conveniently. At the same time, accumulate more users for enterprises, and expand the subsequent marketing value. Maipu AAS provides an integrated solution of user identity authentication and WiFi online marketing, which can meet the requirements of the user for different application scenarios.

Product Features

    Rich web authentication modes

    Support a variety of Web authentication methods: authentication-free, mobile authentication, inbuilt account security authentication, inbuilt account authentication, guest authorized two-dimensional code authentication, and third-party account authentication, meeting the online authentication requirements of the enterprise intranet users and temporary visitors.

    Support the user authentication without perception, that is, after the first authentication of the user, the system automatically records the online device information of the user, the subsequent access of the user does not need to be authenticated again, and the systems automatically connects the user and provisions the access authority of the network.

    Self-service Portal Management

    The platform is inbuilt with several sets of exquisite Portal templates to facilitate customers to quickly create and generate portals, meeting the brand image promotion needs of different industry customers. Support customer self-service decoration portal, including template authentication page, advertising jump page, home page, no-perception authentication page, etc., adapting to personalized customization requirements of customers.


    Support advertising on the home page and jump page, launching and managing the contents, such as portal advertisement, article column advertisement, and APP promotion.

    Support organizing Slyder Adventures, smash gold eggs, gift packs, and other lottery activities, forming the activity form of online interaction and accepting the prize on the spot, driving the online and offline consumption of the enterprise, and forming enterprise O2O business.

    Guest analysis

    Provide the information analysis and display of guests, including user quantity, user online duration, new users, login information, and other information statistics and display; provide advertising business analysis, including home page clicks, ad link clicks, APP downloads, website access traffic, and other statistics and display; provide user behavior analysis, support measuring and displaying the hotspot online behavior of the user, including personas, website access, search keywords, and APP downloads.

    Push contents by scenarios

    Push the content of different branches accurately by configuring the AP MAC, AC NAME, AP SN, SSID, IP segment and other parameter policies.

    Analyze and generate the user personas according to the online behavior of the user. The system can carry out accurate advertising according to the user personas.

    Enterprise security access

    The platform supports 802.1x enterprise customer access, fully compatible with the Radius protocol (RFC2138, RFC2139, RFC2865, RFC2866), and supports the network access service devices of multiple manufacturers.

    Support PAP authentication, CHAP authentication, EAP-MD5 authentication, EAP-PEAP authentication, EAP-TLS authentication, EAP-TTLS authentication and EAP-GTC/MS/GPSK authentication methods.

    Authentication binding function

    Support binding the user name with the terminal access MAC address, and support automatically binding user login MAC address. The number of the bound MAC addresses can be configured.

    Support binding the MAC address of the user access device, or binding and authenticating the SSID number of WLAN.

    Support intelligent binding of terminal elements based on user scenarios, and we can limit the number of the bound intelligent terminals; support self-learning manual binding and auto terminal element binding.


    Authentication authorization

    Support configuring different authorization information based on the user, and support delivering the VLAN, QoS and ACL attributes of users.

    Support time-based authorization, support the authorization policy based on the validity and period mode, and the two policies can be superimposed.

    Support TACACS+ based user device operation command authorization, user Shell attribute authorization, and user device operation command audit.

    Hierarchical and Virtualized management

    Support a variety of role management, including system administrators, content administrators, content auditors, and so on. Various system roles support the hierarchical and Virtualized management according to the organization, that is, different users have different areas and different authorities.

Product Specifications

Hardware Server Platform Specification

Server CPU

Intel Xeon (R) 3.0Hz 4-8Core

Server Memory


Server Disk


Server NIC

Dual 1000M Network Interface Card


SLES-11-SP3 (x86_64)

Web Browser

Recommend Chrome Browser

Order Information

Maipu Matrix View

Maipu Matrix Authentication Platform, Providing user access authentication, authorization function, support Radius, TACACS+, PPP, 802.1X, Web authentication application. (Only software, not include hardware server)


Maipu Matrix license, support 1000 user access


Maipu Matrix license, support 500 user access


Maipu Matrix license, support 200 user access