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MyPower S5820 series 100G TOR Switch

With the rapid pace of information construction in various industries in recent years, the information construction has gradually shifted from the era of the original basic network construction to a new-generation data center deployment era with large data concentration as the main purpose. With the rapid development of data center and cloud computing technology, the data communication network as the basis of the data center and cloud computing, presents new technical requirements. The development and launching of the new generation data center switching products presented by the implementation of high-bandwidth data forwarding, high-density 10G interface access, 40G/100G uplink, high burst flow, virtualization technology become very important.

MyPower S5820 series data center 100G TOR switch is a 10G access box-type switch product with high density 10G/100G interface and flexible board card combination feature. It is developed by Maipu on basis of closely tracking the development of data center technology for many years and combining with the actual situation of the new-generation data center construction in China, making the high-density access of the 10G server and high-density 10G aggregation of the campus network become possible. Meanwhile, MyPower S5820 support complete business features, perfect security control policy, full-port line-speed forwarding, and other features, meeting the challenges of the data center for the scalability, reliability, management, security, and other aspects of the device.

S5820-30XQFP supports 24*10G SFP+ optical interfaces, 2*40G QSFP optical interfaces, 4* 100G QSFP28 optical interface, and dual-modular power.

S5820-54XQFP supports 48*10G SFP+ optical interfaces, 2*40G QSFP optical interfaces, 4* 100G QSFP28 optical interface, and dual-modular power.

MyPower S5820 series realize large buffer of the interface data, meeting the data forwarding of the data center network burst flow without packet loss; provide the VST technology of multi-machine management plane, realizing the high-reliability operation under the deployment environment of various complex virtual technologies; provide the modular power and fan design. The key components adopt various "overvoltage" designs to ensure that the product has the strong capability of high-reliability operation, maintenance, and continuous operation.

MyPower S5820 series with MyPower S12800, MyPower S8900E and other core switches can provide the comprehensive, high-guarantee, and multi-series integrated new-generation data center construction solutions for the construction of data centers in various industries, such as finance, government and operators.

Product Features

     High-density 10G port

    With the popularity of the application server network card rate from Gigabit to 10G, new requirements are put forward for the port bandwidth and access density of the network access layer switches. MyPower S5820 series data center access switch can provide fixed 48/24 10G optical interfaces and can provide 2*40G&4*100G high-speed uplink interfaces. The port combination fully satisfies the interface combination and density requirement of data center construction for access-layer switches.

    Support H-VST/M-VST technology

    MyPower S5820 with MyPower S12800, MyPower S8900 and other core switches realizes "vertical virtualization". Inserted with 10G fiber, it can automatically realize virtual management, and the site installation is convenient. A maximum of 128 devices can be virtualized to a virtual device without the need to plan the interconnection address and management address. Telnet a core device is equivalent to logging into more than 100 switches at the same time. There is no need to maintain and memorize the complex password. One network has one password. Through the global configuration command, a command is also effective on more than 100 devices at the same time, which greatly improves the daily maintenance efficiency of customers.

    Large-capacity port buffer technology

    MyPower S5820 series uses the large-capacity port buffer design, and a single port can have 200ms data buffer capacity. With the VoQ hardware virtual queue traffic control technology, it can fully adapt to the application model of the new-generation data center with large data flow and frequent instantaneous flow burst.

     Comprehensive green environmental protection and energy saving design

    The advanced power management mechanism of switching chips can reduce the power consumption of the standby Ethernet ports, saving 25% power consumption of the whole device. Temperature monitoring and fan stepless speed regulation effectively reduce the environmental noise and extend the life of the hardware card, meeting the green energy saving requirements of the data center room.

Product Specifications

Product Model



Hardware   specification 

Physical ports

Fixed 24 10G SFP+ optical interfaces, two 40G   QSFP optical interfaces, four 100G QSFP28 optical interface.

Fixed 48 10G SFP+ optical interfaces, two 40G   QSFP optical interfaces, four 100G QSFP28 optical interface.

Management interface

One Console port, one management Ethernet   port, one reset bottom, one USB interface

Redundant design

Support   power redundancy, 1+ 1 backup mode




Power consumption




Two   Power Slots

Input   voltage (AC): 100V ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz


Work   temperature: -10 to   45

Storage   temperature: -40 to   70


Work   humidity: 10% to 90%, no-condensing

Storage   humidity: 5% to 95%, no-condensing

Switching capacity




>100,   000 hours

Software   Features

Ethernet features

Port features

Port isolation, UNI/NNI isolation

Storm suppression

Port auto-sensing

MAC address management

Learning quantity limitation based on port,   VLAN, global MAC address

Static MAC configuration

Black hole address configuration

MAC address auto learning and aging

MAC address migration alarm


4K VLANs, VLAN based on port, MAC, IP   address, protocol number

VLAN Mapping N:1





Basic Q-in-Q and selective Q-in-Q

Ring-network protection

STP/MSTP/RSTP, BPDU Guard, Root Guard

Flap Guard, Loop Guard, edge port detection,   BPDU message encryption


Port mirroring

One-to-one, multi-to-one port mirroring

Data flow mirroring

ERSPAN remote mirroring

ERSPAN enhanced remote mirroring

VLAN mirroring

Link aggregation

Dynamic link aggregation

Static link aggregation

Cross-board, cross-device link aggregation

Traffic load balance

Routing features

IP protocol

TCP, UDP, Ping, Traceroute, Telnet, FTP,   TFTP, ICMPv4, DNS, UDP Helper, DHCP, DHCP server, DHCP Delay, DHCP Snooping,   NTP, SNTP, support ARP, ARP Proxy

Routing protocol

Static Routes, RIPv1/v2, IRMP, OSPFv2, IS-IS,   BGP

Routing policy, routing iteration, policy   routing

Multicast function

L2 multicast

IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping, multicast VLAN,   support MLD v1/v2 Snooping

L3 multicast

IGMPv1/v2/v3, MLD v1/v2, multicast static   routing, multicast routing in IPv4 domain, multicast routing between IPv4   domains, IPv4 multicast group management, support MSDP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM,   PIM-SSM, PIM-SDM.



Standard ACL

Extended ACL

Mixed ACL


Port-based ACL

ACL based on L3 interface

VLAN-based ACL

Global-based ACL

Ingress/Egress ACL

ACL matching logs

Bind ALC based on time domain


SP, RR, WRR, WDRR, and other queue scheduling   modes

802.1p, DSCP, and other priority mapping

Flow classification

Traffic monitoring

Traffic shaping

Congestion management

Congestion avoidance

Rate limitation based on time domain

Traffic shaping based on time domain

Security function

Device security

Prevent packet attack, prevent protocol   packet attack, support attack detection function, protocol packet protection,   message sending and receiving diagnosis, CPU protection technology

Network security

URPF check, packet filtering function,   protocol classification flow limiting, port isolation, DHCP Snooping, IPSG,   AARF, Dynamic ARP Inspection, ARP Check, Host Guard

Management security

Device management security, network user   binding, AAA, SSH2.0, force to update the password periodically, login   password strength setting, multi-login failure locking function

Access security

Portal authentication, 802.1X authentication,   MAC authentication, port security, trusted device access



Horizontal virtualization, support for   splitting, merging, multi-activating, and many other online tests.


Vertical virtualization management

Data center feature


VxLAN interconnection crossing data center


Support EVPN

Device maintenance

Device Management

Console port login, Telnet, SSH V1/V2, CLI   for device management, IBM, HP and third-party network management platform.

File Management

Upload / download files via FTP/TFTP,   formatting, files, directory creation, copy, delete, save file management   functions

Network maintenance

Ping, Traceroute, LSP Ping/Tracert function,   port loop monitoring

Network Management

SNMP V1/V2/V3, RMON, WEB network management,   third-party network management, SSH V1/V2, support remote batch upgrade,   configuration auto delivery, IPFIX/SFLOW, support TR069

Green Energy

IEEE 802.3az EEE (energy efficiency Ethernet)

High reliability

Device reliability

Support power hot-swap

Support fan hot-swap

Support IOS backup and recovery, support   configuration file backup and recovery

Network Reliability


IP FRR, VPN FRR, BFD for VRRP/BGP/IS-IS/RIP/OSPF/RSVP/static   route, ULFD, ULPP, Monitor Link, keepalive

Typical Application

1.    Data Center VXLAN+EVPN Solution

Recently, fabric architecture has become a common and popular design option for building new-generation enterprise data center networks. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) and Ethernet VPN (EVPN) is essentially becoming the standard technology used for deploying network virtualization overlays in data center fabrics.

2.    ISP Metro Ethernet 100G Ring Solution

With the rapid growth of operators' MAN services, such as IPTV, video surveillance and NGN voice, higher requirements are put forward for the performance, bandwidth and quality of service of MAN. The new S5820 100G switch has been introduced to meet the increasing demand of multi-service bearer for operators. The new S5820 provides 4-Port 100G interfaces for ring network. It will greatly enhance the capacity of MAN and shorten the time of business on-line, providing customers with a higher quality experience.


Order Information

Product model


MyPower S5820 series host


Fixed 24 10G SFP+ optical interfaces, two 40G   QSFP optical interfaces, four 100G QSFP28 optical interface, dual modular   power slots.


Fixed 48 10G SFP+ optical interfaces, two 40G   QSFP optical interfaces, four 100G QSFP28 optical interface, dual modular   power slots.

Power modules


AC power module, 250W, AC input 100-240V,   support hot-swap, draw air outward