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1.   Overview

Maipu network visualization (MPNV) system is a set of software and hardware integration scheme, deployed by the by-pass mode. The classic application mode is deployed in the core business exchange area of the information system, and its deployment will not affect the original business system. It captures, stores and analyzes the network communication data with high speed to perform the effective detection and analysis for the business system, network application performance and server application performance, discover the performance bottleneck of the system quickly, and provide scientific and reasonable decision basis for IT management, fault diagnosis, responsibility definition, operation and maintenance evaluation, performance optimization, source allocation, and investment planning in a comprehensive, intuitive, and quantitative way.


2.   Product Positioning

Maipu network visualization system is mainly used in the information system to define network visualization, risk early warning, and fault locating based on the application system, providing three-in-one stereoscopic solution and protecting the information system. 

3.   Application Background

Maipu network visualization system adopts the advanced big data parallel processing technology (Map-reduce). It obtains and analyzes the mass data of the system communication to excavate the high-value information and provide users with the accurate diagnosis of system fault, real-time monitoring of application performance, user behavior reduction and forensics, and other functions. It can solve the three major problems faced by IT managers at present:

l  Hard to estimate investment benefit: The investment in information construction is increasing year by year, and it is hard to estimate and quantify the investment benefit.

Maipu network visualization system provides basic data support for accurate evaluation of business system performance, network application performance, and server application performance, so as to effectively quantify investment benefits.

l  Hard to define the responsibility: Because of the complexity of the system structure and the different perspectives of managers, it is often difficult to locate the system failures.

It resolves the network data, isolates and accurately locate the fault from the network, server, application, protocol and other different dimensions by data analysiseasily defining the responsibility of the network, application, server, and other aspects,.

l  Hard to measure user experienceThe IT Department of an enterprise tends to focus on the utilization of the hardware that provides services for the end users, such as the CPU utilization and the network transmission speed. Although this method also provides some valuable information, it ignores the most important factor-perception experience of the final user.

 Maipu network visualization system provides the response time indexes of different levels, such as network, server and application in a visual way, and the user experience is clear.

4.   Application Values

Ø   For decision-makers, improve investment benefit

Discover the weakness of the system application in time, providing scientific basis for investment and construction, reducing the repeated construction, and improving investment benefit.

Ø   For IT managers, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency

Simplify the operation and maintenance work greatly, the system failure rate has decreased, the number of the supported requests has been reduced, and the operation and maintenance efficiency has been improved.

Ø   For end users, improve experiences

The business system has faster response, more stable operation, fewer business interruptions, and the user experience is improved.

Ø   For the application system, improve the stability gradually

Effectively monitor the network operation, rapidly track the source of the failure, and immediately remove the fault, and the system stability is gradually improved.

5.   System Features

l  Comprehensive performance monitoring capability

Support more than 70 key performance indicators (KPI), and the analysis depth is in the industry leading level.

l  Fast data analysis ability

The parallel analysis technology based on the idea of big data, support the speed analysis above 40Gbps, ranking first in the industry.

l  Mass data storage capacity

Storage speed is up to 40Gbps, storage space can be expanded to more than 512T,the  speed and capacity are in the industry leading level.

l  Accurate fault locating capability

Locate fault quickly, lock fault source accurately and define responsibility accurately.

l  Flexible functional customization

Support drag-an-drop dashboard customization, support business group, baseline rules, threshold and early warning customization.

l  Friendly user interface

Graphical operation interface, real-time help information; support Web to get network performance report quickly.

l  Support secondary developed API interface

It provides a complete and easy-to-use secondary development platform, which can dock with the third-party traffic analysis system.

6.   MPNV System Architecture

l  Packet Broker Switch

It is one kind of special switch used for data identification, data filtering, data mirroring and packet rebuilt.

l  Networking Visualization Server

It provides visualization report to end customer based on the data storage and analysis.