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The requirements of the banking business development for the mobile network

With the advantages of flexible deployment, high bandwidth, low link cost, short deployment period, and strong network continuity, the mobile network has been widely used in the financial industry, including bank ATM, network backup, mobile bank, network disaster, and so on.


The development of the 4G technology provides more powerful technical support

With the opening of 4G business by the major carriers of the world, the 4G technology era is coming. Compared with the 3G technology, the 4G technology has many advantages, such as:

1.             Higher link bandwidth: The transmission rate of 4G is more than 10 times of 3G. The current 4G LTE network can download at the speed of 100Mbps, which can better carry the high bandwidth business.

2.             Better link quality: The 4G LTE network adopts a flat networking and more advanced coding mode. The network has smaller delay and lower link jitter. It has the link quality comparable to the private line (transmission delay < 30ms and packet loss rate <0.01%), and can better meet the high-quality transmission requirements of video and voice service data.

3.             Better QOS guarantee: With the 4G network, it can provide the wireless QOS link bandwidth guarantee for the enterprise users, reserve certain service bandwidth for the key services, avoid the business impact caused by the preemption of the personal user for the bandwidth of the 4G network, and let the 4G network of the financial enterprise users get better service guarantee.

With the advantages of 4G network, we can better meet the applications of bank ATM, the returning of the network multi-channel high-definition video surveillance data, VTM HD video interacting, network full service backup, mobile dispatch service, and so on.


Solution Introduction

Maipu is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can provide a complete bank 4G solution. Maipu has rich networking experience in 4G networking security and 4G operation management. Successful cases cover almost all of China's banks. Meanwhile, the banks in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries have a large scale application.

Maipu provides the whole network solution of the 4G network, and a full set of aggregation routers, 4G access routers, AAA authentication platform, and E4G operation and maintenance platform.

In the aspect of the aggregation router, Maipu provides the high-performance aggregation router MP7500X/MP7300X/3900X series with high overall forwarding performance and VPN encryption performance, which can meet the aggregation requirement of 500-5000 4G nodes.

In the dual 4G link backup application of the access router, Maipu creatively proposed the link-based IP SLA trigger switching mechanism, including link delay, link packet loss, and link jitter. It realizes the mechanism of dual 4G switching based on the overall link quality.

In the network management, Maipu E4G intelligent operation and maintenance management platform can realize the functions of manual locating of 4G network equipment, the provisioning of the device without configuration, and the auditing of the 4G traffic and signal report.