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Bank Industry Demand

1.      Background

In recent years, Internet technology has broken through various kinds of information barriers in the financial field. The integration of Internet technology and finance has brought a sudden rise in the Internet finance, rewriting the competition pattern of the financial industry and profoundly affecting the financial operation and the ecological environment. Under the background, the demand for the financial reform is becoming more and more important. The traditional financial institutions have begun to arrange the Internet finance, and introduce a large number of online service applications and products, including the client of the mobile phone bank, striving to transform the business from offline to online by strengthening the energy of the electronic channels, and completing the Internet transformation.

2.      Demands and Challenges

Although the Internet transformation is determined by financial enterprises as an important strategic direction in the future, in the actual operation process, the traditional banks also gradually find some inseparable difficulties:

Single marketing channel, low user relevance: The publicity channels of Internet financial products are insufficient, traditional offline users are associated with online products, and then, the rate of converting to online users is low.

Lack of downloading channels, difficult to promote: Tt mainly relies on the official network and the third party application market to provide downloading channels, the frequency of the user contacting the product is low, and the application loading capacity is not high

Lack of user information, cannot realize accurate delivery: It cannot collect user information from multiple angles, resulting in incomplete customer feature portrait and difficult to support continuous backward precision marketing.

Online and offline resource separation: The online and offline cooperation is not tight, and marketing promotion failed to form a resultant force. The difference between the traditional banking and Internet financial enterprises is not only the business model and the media, but the gap between the Internet user platforms. The reason why the balance treasure and the WeChat payment software can absorb a large number of financial users in a short time is due to their Internet platform advantages, so the traditional banks should set up their own platform to compete with Internet financial companies.

After decades of development, the bank not only has a profound brand accumulation, but also has a large number of offline outlets and service personnel. These resources are the core competitiveness of banks in the O2O field. In the process of Internet transformation, how to fully activate these existing resources and make the outlets become an important connection point of the online and offline marketing of the bank has become a problem that the major banks need to think and solve urgently.


Maipu Bank Commercial Wi-Fi Solution

1.      Solution Composition

l  Deploy the traditional devices at the basic network layer, including the export security gateway and wireless AP, to provide the basic access function of the network;

l  The access control layer mainly includes AAA, Portal and wireless controller, responsible for the user access authentication and the configuration delivery of the lower-end wireless AP.

l  The management software of the operation and maintenance layer performs the operation and maintenance management for the bottom devices.

l  The business display layer includes the core components of the whole system: user behavior analysis platform and marketing content push platform, responsible for content design and statistical collection of big data.

l  The external system reserves a variety of interfaces, which are mainly used for docking with the existing system of banks when some customized functions are developed.


2.      Networking Scheme


● Deploy devices at the headquarters

Authentication marketing server:

Log and big data server: collect the logs of the whole network for the analysis in the industry;

Network management: Used to manage the export gateway, AC, and other devices of the class-1 branches in a unified manner;

VPN device: Used to establish IPsec VPN with class-1 branches.

Firewall: Protect the devices of the headquarters from attack and illegal invasion;

● Deploy devices at the branches

Wireless controller AC: Used to manage the APs of all nodes in a unified manner

Log and big data server: collect the logs of the entire network, and dock with the network supervisor, meeting the compliance requirements.

Network management: Used to manage the outlet export gateways in the branches, APs and the network devices in the class-1 branches in a unified manner

VPN device: Used to set up IPsec VPN with the bank outlet;

Firewall: Protect the devices of the headquarters from attack and illegal invasion;

● Devices of the bank outlet

Export audit: Cooperate with the user authentication, advertisement marketing, and so on, and set up IPsec VPN with the headquarters;

AP: Transmit the wireless signal


3.     Highlights

Simple business operation, rich contents of the website interface


Various authentication modes, user identity information collection


Advertisement Design


Location based promotion


User online big data collection

Values of the Solution

1.             Improve service level of the bank outlet

Set up bank's own Internet WLAN, and the bank can better provide high quality services for the bank customers, attract more users to the bank for business, strengthen online interactive experience, reduce the user access cost, relieve the queue pressure and dissatisfaction of the bank customers, becoming the important idea of improving the satisfaction of banking services and providing the differentiated-quality service in the industry.

2.             Internet finance promotion

Exclusively provide the APP local caching technology, and all kinds of applications of banks get offline in seconds.

It not only reflects the intelligence service level of the bank outlets, but also greatly improves the user's service experience; it not only can help the business department reach the goal of Internet banking promotion, but also train users to convert the use habit from offline to online, increasing the frequency of users contacting with internet financial products and forming a stable user group.

3.             Develop new marketing channels

Release the latest financial dynamics and marketing activity advertising by the customized WEB Portal page, and provide a new channel for the marketing promotion of the bank outlet. Through the Portal page, the customer can understand various preferential information of the cooperative merchants or the bank's own platform, forming a virtual life service circle centered on the bank. At the same time, through the two-dimensional code or link of the platform, we can conveniently realize the concern of WeChat, micro-blog and other social accounts, and achieve further marketing of brand products.

4.             User information collection

Provide the platform for collecting the user information. Before the bank customers access the wireless Internet, perform the real-name authentication, ISG gateway devices collect the online behavior log information of the bank customer, and the bank makes big data mining for user information, providing data for financial product marketing.

Successful Cases

          1. ICBC: ICBC is one of the biggest bank in the world, Maipu guest Wifi financial Internet marketing solution realizes the full coverage of more than 16574 outlets of 37 branches of ICBC.

          2. Minsheng Bank: The headquarters of Mingsheng Bank deploys Maipu guest Wifi solution in a unified manner, pushing the advertising and financial management information and Mingsheng APP downloading for the bank outlets over the country via the free wifi.

          3. China Guangfa Bank: Maipu won the national network marketing WiFi construction project of China Guangfa Bank, realizing the full implementation of the financial Internet marketing of another national joint-stock bank.

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