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Maipu Global Training 2019 Ringing Down Curtain


From April 9 to 15. 2019, a six-day technical training was held at Maipu headquarter in Chengdu, China, with about 30 network technicians coming from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, Nepal, UAE, Niger and Pakistan attending.


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During the training, Maipu showed new-generation router, switch, centralized WLAN, packet broker and NMS as well as the latest technologies on SDN VxLAN/EVPN, network visualization and VST. All trainees got chance to experience the technologies on Maipu products and solution with the help of trainers.  

Maipu Global Training 2019

Mr. Amit Thakurdatt Sharma, CTO of an Indian company, said,” It’s really very good trip of training. The lecturers are very professional and the lectures are easy to understand. After this training, we can provide better service for local customers with deeper understanding of those technology. Meanwhile, thanks very much for your kind hospitality, just like family member. Maipu guys are really nice.”

 Mr. Amit Thakurdatt Sharma, CTO of an Indian company(left)         Mr. Jack Wang, General Manager of Maipu International(right)

At the closing session, Mr. Jack Wang, managing director of Maipu International, awarded the Maipu Engineering Certifications to all trainees who passed exams. “It is said that seeing is believing while hearing is not. But in our doctrine, seeing is also not believing. We think testing is believing. We encourage you test not only our products, but also the support of our team.” he told all trainees with full confidence of Maipu products and international supporting.

Closing Session