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Maipu Launched 100G VxLAN Switch in Moscow


[Moscow, Russia, April 23, 2019] At SVIAZ Moscow 2019, Maipu launched S5820-54XQFP, its new-generation 100G VxLAN TOR Leaf aggregation switch for enterprise data center.

Maipu has been focusing on the development of data communication equipment for 26 years. At the beginning of 2019, in order to meet the requirement of the next-generation enterprise network, data center, MAN, and other application scenarios, Maipu launched 100G MPLS core switch Mypower S8900E. To make the solution complete, , Maipu launched cost-effective 100G TOR switch in April.

Aiming at the enterprise data center market, Maipu S5820 100G data center switch supports VxLAN, EVPN, OpenFlow and other data center features, meeting the business requirements of enterprise customers for high performance, high scalability and flexibility of the equipment; supports 48 10G SFP+ interface, 2 40G QSFP interface, and 4 100G CFP interface. It can provide customer with cost-effective network solutions, and support 1: N, N:1 and other physical resource virtualization technologies, helping customer manage network easier and operate much stable.

Meanwhile, Maipu also launched its next-generation multi-service high-performance 10G access switch S4330/S4230/S3330/S3230, mainly aiming at the convergence of the campus network/enterprise network, high-quality gigabit desktop access, data center server access and other scenarios, providing stable, reliable and secure high-performance IPv4/IPv6 L2/L3 switching services.

At the exhibition, Russian government and enterprise customers expressed high recognition for Maipu's complete switch product line and end-to-end solutions. One CTO from a group customer said: "The newly launched S8900E Spine+5820 Leaf data center solution of Maipu is applicable to the development needs of our company's data center business.  Comparing with other competitors, it is high cost-effective.”

In addition, Maipu also showed its router product line and wireless product line on this event.