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Maipu Global Training 2018 Ringing Down the Curtain


On Nov. 5th, 2018, with the slogan “New Route, 10 Years’ Adventure”, Maipu Global Training was held in Maipu new headquarters. About 30 customers from Australia, Brunei, England, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Niger, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland attended this event.

After the first global event in 2008, Maipu held Global Training 2018 with “writing Chinese calligraphy” as the beginning of another 10-year route. At the opening ceremony, all guests were invited to write their Chinese name with Chinese brush, having new experience in their lives. 

“If you don't try something new, you won't know how wonderful you are! Just like writing Chinese calligraphy, it’s really a new experience in your life. If you don't try it, you won't know how capable you are. Maipu might be new to you, but if you don’t try to cooperate with it, you won’t know what a great company Maipu is, and how suitable Maipu is for your business!” said Jack Wang, Managing Director of Maipu International

During the training, Maipu international product director and technical experts has shown Maipu new-generation products & solutions e.g.  router, switch, centralized WLAN, SDN VxLAN/EVPN, packet broker, network visualization, etc. By experiencing simulation network environment, all guests had deeper understanding on the new and advanced product and technology.

At the closing ceremony, the partners from England and Brunei signed the cooperation agreement with Maipu and became Maipu premier partner and national distributer respectively.

Mr. Sajid, general manager of Wire-speed, an UK based company, shared his comment about Maipu, “There are three important points when a British company chooses a new principle to cooperate, product functionality, product reliability and support. With the London project cooperation before, I’m sure the functionality and reliability of Maipu products are good, but we don’t know if Maipu has a strong support team. And now, by attending this training, we fully believe that Maipu has a very professional support team and 24-hour online service spirit.”Moreover, two partners from Malaysia and Indonesia sent their comment on Maipu and  congratulation though video, regretting for being unable to attend this event.

Ecole Superieure de Telecommunication, Niger Telecommunication Research Institute, signed agreement with Maipu to become Maipu certified training center in Niger. 

At the end of the closing ceremony, Jack Wang announced that Maipu will resume its host of Global Conference and Global Training every year to enlarge its cooperation with more partners worldwide and help partners & customers understand more on new data network communication technology and solutions.