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Maipu Packet Broker Switch

Maipu T series packet broker products are developed to solve the demand of data refined collection and management. The packet broker is based on advanced multi-core and professional chip customization development technology. It integrates broker collection unit, data processing unit, management control unit, and data collection and processing functions, so as to meet all kinds of business applications in big data management and analysis environment.

The packet broker can perform high-density, high-speed data acquisition and management tasks, and provide the function of data flow refined management. The T series products support expanding up to 144*10GE interfaces, 36*40GE interfaces at most, and 12*100G interfaces, meeting various high-performance data collection and splitting requirements

Maipu is the first provider of overall solutions for packet splitting application and traffic management in China, providing users with cost-effective and selective expanded value-added solutions for network data splitting.

Product Features

    Rich data scheduling capability

    Maipu packet broker adopts leading chip and deep customized development, solving the bottleneck of traditional network image performance and the problem of insufficient data pre-processing function.

    The packet broker can realize the function of multi-point data source collection and multi-output duplication, and realize homology and homoclinic with flexible multi-factor hash load, ensuring the big data application scenarios, such as security audit, traffic backtracking, or business performance analysis.

    The data de-duplication function is to detect and filter the duplicate data, reduce the pressure of I/O performance of the analysis system, improve analysis performance and efficiency, release the storage space of duplicate data, avoid the additional cost of charging by traffic, and improve the speed and accuracy of the detection and audit of the security system.

    The data desensitization function supports the desensitization of privacy data and realizes the data security in the process of collection and analysis. The data truncation function is to cut and slice the specific data flow, release the storage resources and CPU resources of the analysis system, and improve the performance and efficiency of the analysis.

    In the multi-layer network, it can realize the source identification and time point identification of traffic, and provide the discrimination ability for the traffic types of multiple data sources, so as to enhance the management and scheduling ability of traffic.

    Flexible network deployment capability

    Maipu packet broker provides 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G and other speed interfaces to meet the link requirements in various data analysis scenarios. According to different performance and interface requirements, it has the single box and rack broker forms, and flexible modular port combination, which can meet the scheduling requirements of different bandwidths and speeds in multiple service environments, and can also be used to realize the management and deployment of the out-of-band data splitting network.

    In the standalone mode, support console, IP, SNMP, syslog, SSH and other management modes. In the multi-level networking mode, the packet broker inherits the virtual networking ability of Maipu, provides the distributed management architecture, realizes the management ability of "one network, one IP", and effectively improves the daily operation and maintenance efficiency.

    Industry-leading traffic matrix model

    Maipu flow splitting matrix scheme consists of broker hardware and NTD (network traffic Distribution) flow splitting management system. The distribution matrix is located in the middle layer between the network equipment and the monitoring and analysis system. The overall hardware architecture is divided into edge data collection area and centralized traffic processing area. Users can send different types of traffic to each related analysis system with the traffic mapping function according to business needs without changing the network configuration.

    NTD provides a single broker and matrix management mode through an intuitive and easy-to-use UI management interface, and realizes the flow collection, mapping and distribution through the web intuitive way, so as to improve the ability of network flow splitting and data analysis efficiency.


    NTD flow splitting service management view

    The NTD system provides a flexible and extensible traffic matrix scheme of the single-machine or multi-machine interconnection. The box-type single machine can split 55 copies of data to the analysis platform at most, while in the multi-machine interconnection matrix architecture, it can simultaneously support splitting to more than 300 data analysis platforms.

Product Specifications

Product type

Standard Packet Broker Series

Advanced Packet Broker Series

Product model










48*1G 100/1000M
6*10G SFP+
2*100G QSFP28

48*10G SFP+
2*40G QSFP
4*100G QSFP28

24*1G 100/1000M
24*10G SFP+
4*40G QSFP

48*10G SFP+
2*40G QSFP
4*100G QSFP28











Dimension (W*D*H)



Power Supply

100-240V, 50/60Hz

Software features

Flow-splitting function

Pass all

No packet loss forwarding for normal Ethernet data flow, malformed and abnormal packets

Multi-in multi-out

Support M:N replication and aggregation of port and flow classification

Matching rules

Support tuples-based IPv4 and IPv6 flow rule matching based on multiple

Traceability identification

Support identifying the data from different ports

Homology homoclinic

Perform hash load for the output flow to ensure data consistency

Time ID

Nanosecond-class time stamp identification of ingress port, supporting NTP clock synchronization

Packet header stripping

Support stripping MPLS/VXAN/GRE/VLAN and other data encapsulated packet headers

Packet slicing

Support packet length slicing 8-9000 bytes

Packet truncation

Support packet length cutting 64-140 bytes

Packet truncation
(Advanced Feature)

Support packet length cutting 64-9000 bytes

DPI application
(Advanced Feature)

Support L7 identification filtering of packet content

Data de-duplication
(Advanced Feature)

Support repeated data filtering of custom rules

Data desensitization
(Advanced Feature)

Support replacement desensitization of sensitive information in traffic

Advanced performance

According to traffic size and scale 20~80Gbps


Bybass deployment, multiple devices can be interconnected

Matrix networking

Virtualize multiple devices into a device for management, maintaining a management interface

Packet statistics

Historical and real-time traffic statistics function

Maintenance mode

WEB management, CLI, Telnet, SSH, SNMP v1/v2/v3, SYSLOG and so on

Order Information

Order information



MMV-NTD (V1.0)

MMV NTD (Maipu Matrix View -Network Traffic Distribution) provides traffic scheduling and distribution management functions based on broker products, realizes traffic matrix collection, data identification and classification, and on-demand splitting service management system

Standard Packet Broker


Packet broker host, 48 Gigabit electrical interfaces, six 10G SFP + interfaces, two 100G (compatible with 40G) interfaces, and two modular AC power supplies.


Packet broker host, 48 SFP + optical interfaces (supporting Gigabit, 10G mode), two 40G QSFP interfaces, two 100G (compatible with 40G) interfaces, and two modular AC power supplies.


AC power module_AD250-1S005E-B(RoHS)_250W, exhaust air, AC input 100-240VAC/3.5A, output 12V/21A ,( 210*100*41.8)mm, support hot-swap

Advanced Packet Broker


24 Gigabit electrical interfaces, 24 SFP + 10G optical interfaces (compatible with Gigabit), four 40G QSFP interfaces, modular dual AC power supply. Memory 32G


48 SFP + 10G optical interfaces (compatible with Gigabit), two 40G QSFP interfaces, two 100G interfaces (compatible with 40G), modular dual AC power supply. Memory 32G


AC power module_AD250-1S005E-B(RoHS)_500W, exhaust air, AC input 100-240VAC/7A, output 12V/42A ,( 210*100*41.8)mm, support hot-swap