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1.       Background and Challenges of Wireless City Construction and Operation

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and information technology, and the development of urban modernization, cities and governments have put forward new requirements for the construction of wireless smart city. It is required that the wireless smart city can provide convenient network access to increase the attraction of the city and improve the city image, and meanwhile, it is also necessary to meet the requirements of increasing revenue, reducing costs and ensuring service quality.

The wireless coverage serves as the important basic service support of the smart city. As the construction or investment party in the wireless coverage, the operator needs to undertake a number of tasks, such as construction and operation support, playing an important role. It is also the key direction of the future service of the operators.


More and more smart cities face difficulties in deployment and operation:

l  A large investment in the traditional construction mode;

l  The strong mobility of the crowd covered by WIFI in key areas (such as commercial area and key campus) not only requires for strong wireless signal coverage, but also needs to meet the continuous availability of wireless networks in the moving process;

l  The wireless network signal performs no blind area coverage for the main area, providing fast, convenient and good Internet experience;

l  The platform operation is complex and professional;

l  Service relevance is not strong, there is service-based data barrier, investment recovery and service health sustainability are difficult, and it is hard to make a profit.

2.       Maipu Smart City Solution

Product composition:

Maipu smart city solution requires multiple kinds of products to work together, including:

(1)     Network access products: including AP, AC and POE modules / switches, ISG security products;

(2)     Operation platform products: including Portal/AAS server, WiFi operation management center (including its business center, operation center, maintenance center and other subsystems), guest portal, APP service, network management server, log and report system.



Networking mode

According to the network scale, we can deploy by the unified management and distributed access. According to the situation of the machine rooms of the operators, deploy WNC6600 AC controllers with different capacity, realizing the unified access and management of the new Aps. Take the machine rooms of the operators as the center to aggregate the nearby WIFI network traffic and forward the Internet data. The traffic data is shared by the aggregation nodes, and the center pressure is reduced.


Meanwhile, for the online wireless products of the operators, we only need to add ISG1000 security gateway to the original WLAN network, and get the IP address of the terminal from the security gateway with a little change for the original WLAN network, and the operator's large network can be transformed into an operational marketing network.


Deploy ISG1000 security gateway at the Internet export of the aggregation machine room to set up IPSec VPN with the security gateway of the core area, realizing the data-class security. The management data is encrypted through IPSec VPN, and Internet service data is transmitted in clear text, realizing the logical isolation of management data and Internet data.


The server area can intercommunicate with the horizontal data of the network security department, and all user data uploaded through IPSec VPN can dock with the network supervision platform efficiently, meeting the security requirements of the network security department for the user accessing network.


3.       Values of Maipu Smart City Solution

l  Cloud platform, saving the investment

Adopt the service-based scalable cloud platform architecture with powerful cloud service processing capability and AP access capability. The operator operates and manages the wireless network through the cloud platform, and can enter the background operation anytime and anywhere. All Aps are connected to the Wi-Fi platform, and the owners do not need to invest massive core network control systems and devices. The cloud platform also has a powerful compatibility for the devices of multiple manufacturers. The constructed Aps of the present network also can be connected fast, protecting the existing network investment to the most extent. If adding the AP in the future, we also do not need to add the core network equipment, saving future investment.


l  High security, reliability, fast and efficient, massive user access

SafeLink ensures access security, enabling legal users to use WLAN safely and in compliance.

FastLink enhances user experience from details, maximizing the experience of wireless network connection.

MoreLink optimizes the equipment hardware and software deeply, and a single AP can connect more than 100 users.


l  Complete networking solution

The solution supports many devices for networking such as fat AP and fit AP+AC, and the device types are the most complete. Meanwhile, cooperating with Maipu AC and AP devices, it can flexibly support L2 and L3 networking mode, and the restriction for the networking requirement is minimum.


l  Smart city APP promotion and downloading

The ISG gateway is the first device with the "content caching, downloading with top speed” function in the industry, which can push the APP software of the wireless city to the customer's mobile phone fast without traffic, letting the customers download the APP you specify liking using the local downloading. It can also download at the background silently when users connect to the Wi-Fi network, improving the downloading rate and installation rate of the APP.


l  Differential push, precise content delivery

The public area of the city is larger and there are more urban areas. We can adopt a unified portal and differentiated push plan, realizing the specific targeted advertising. For example, for the city center, we can push large activities, real estate, cars, and other high-consumption advertisements; for the commercial CBD, we can push the financial product and tourism type of advertisements.


l  Big data support, precise figure portrait

Collect, clean, accumulate, mine, and classify the online behavior data of users, automatically marking the specific label for each user to realize the accurate portrait. The rich data reports assist the operation decision, providing the data statistics, such as the user usage of the wireless network, APP promotion and downloads, and the attention degree of the service. It can quantify the promotion effect of new services /new product, assisting the service department to optimize and improve the product or service quickly.


l  Accurate real-name audit

WiFi Internet marketing platform, can carry out the real-name authentication of the mobile phone, meeting the Internet service requirements of order 82 of Ministry of public security; meanwhile, it can record user behavior information, convenient for tracing and querying after the event, realizing the Internet service exemption.