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Campus Network

With the continuous integration of Ethernet technology, IP technology and virtualization technology, the campus network is constantly developed, and its network environment, user model and business model have changed greatly. Users have higher requirements for the mobility, security and service quality of the campus network.

Bank ATM 4G Access

With the advantages of flexible deployment, high bandwidth, low link cost, short deployment period, and strong network continuity, the mobile network has been widely used in the financial industry, including bank ATM, network backup, mobile bank, network disaster, and so on.

Bank Commercial Wi-Fi

In recent years, Internet technology has broken through various kinds of information barriers in the financial field. The integration of Internet technology and finance has brought a sudden rise in the Internet finance, rewriting the competition pattern of the financial industry and profoundly affecting the financial operation and the ecological environment.

Maipu SD-Branch

In 2018, Maipu released SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) enterprise private line solution. The solution provides enterprises with the interconnection between branches and headquarters on demand, and constructs the wide area interconnection for enterprises with the ultimate experience.

Enterprise Branch WAN

With the development and improvement of IT information, especially the construction of data centralization, as the terminal node of the network, the position of the WAN branch in the network is becoming more and more important. It is particularly important to build an intelligent, integrated and flexible WAN branch.

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Maipu Enterprise-SDN Solution Shining on CommunicAisa 2018

Maipu Enterprise-SDN Solution Shining on CommunicAisa 2018

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