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STR880-1SR Intelligent 5G Gateway

STR880-1SR is an intelligent 5G gateway device developed by Maipu based on high-performance platform of Qualcomm X55. It supports multiple 5G bands, and is downward compatible with 4G/3G, and supports the mainstream operator networks of various countries, with a maximum downlink rate of 1000Mbps; It supports double SIM cards, convenient networking, and is suitable for small and embedded application scenarios of traditional and emerging industries.

STR880-1SR intelligent gateway integrates Gigabit network port, USB 3.0 OTG interface, UART/RS232 serial port, with rich interfaces and strong expansibility; The built-in WiFi module supports short-distance configuration of the device, which can be automatically closed when there is no connection. In terms of product design, the new industrial design is adopted, with small volume, only 79g, easy to install; The working temperature range is wide, up to -25–65, which is suitable for a wide range of scenarios; The maximum power is only 5W, low heating, high reliability, and it can be fully managed through the cloud platform.

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Product Features

    l  Excellent hardware design

    Maipu STR880-1SR intelligent 5G gateway adopts ultra-small size design, and the overall size is only 58mm×52mm×22mm (length × depth × height). Its weight is only 79g, working temperature can reach -25~65, maximum power is only 5W, low heating, high reliability, very suitable for installation in UAV control, self-service terminal, outdoor monitoring and other complex environment.

    l  High-performance 5G network platform

    The built-in 5G module supports NR (Sub6G), TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE and 3G network modes, and supports eSIM and Nano-SIM card modes, providing flexible and stable mobile network access and ensuring network interconnection.

    l  Rich external interfaces

    It has a GE Gigabit interface, an RS232 and two UART serial ports and a USB 3.0 OTG interface. The serial port supports multiple mode protocols, such as transparent transmission, MQTT and Modbus. It can be flexibly adapted to the control of the UAV 5G flight, real-time data returning of auto terminal, acquisition of unmanned monitoring station information, and other application scenarios.

    l  Rich software functions

    Support IPv4, IPv6, MQTT, DHCP, and other common protocols; support IPsec encryption tunnel, ensuring the data security; support auto detection of device faults, and auto reboot.

Product Specifications

Basic specifications

Model name


Memory capacity

128 MB

Flash capacity

200 MB

SIM card slot

Two (one eSIM, one nano-SIM)

5G baseband

Qualcomm X55 platform

Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz)

Yes, support auto closing without collection

Network interface

One 1000/100/10 BaseT, RJ-45   interface

Serial interface

Two UART, one RS232

USB interface

One USB 3.0 Type-C interface

LED indicator

One multi-color light

Shell material

Metal shell

Fan design

No-fan design

Dimension (L×D×H)

58×52×22 mm

Input power

DC 9~36V

Max. power



Work temperature: -25°C-65°C

Storage temperature:  -40°C-85°C


Work humidity: 10%-95%,   no-condensing

Storage   humidity: 0%-95%, no-condensing

Software functions

Basic functions


Routing protocol

Static route

VPN function


Diagnosis tool

Ping, Traceroute

High reliability

Watchdog, network detection auto   reboot

Serial port protocol

Transparent mode, MQTT, Modbus,   RTMP/RTSP


Telnet/SSH, Web, FOTA remote   upgrading

Order Information

Host model




One 1000/100/10Mbps adaptive   Ethernet interface, one built-in 5G module, one SIM card slot (or SMD SIM card),   external antenna, DC input power supply.

Power supply


Power adapter of China


Power adapter of America


Power adapter of UK


Power adapter of Europe


Power adapter of India