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MyPower VC8100 IP UC Platform

MyPower VC8100 IP unified communication server is the core control component of Maipu unified communication system. Cooperating with the MyPower VG series media gateway, IP telephone, and other components, it can provide the enterprise users with the cost-effective, high-scalability, and multi-service next-generation unified communication solution. MyPower VC8100 supports basic IP voice, video and fax services, and supports rich voice value-added services. It can provide functions, such as SIP telephone registration, telephone conferencing, voice mail, voice navigation, telephone station, and customizing service. It can effectively improve the communication quality and efficiency of users.

Product Features

    Advanced Technologies

    MyPower VC8100 supports advanced SIP protocol, adopts soft switching architecture, and integrates registration server, proxy server, redirection server, and media server. It can realize core control functions, such as call routing, user configuration management, user access control, user authority management, and value-added service. Cooperating with the other components of Maipu unified communication system, VC8100 can build the multi-protocol unified communication network architecture for users, taking into account the mature, reliable, advanced, and flexible features of the system.


    Open business architecture

    MyPower VC8100 supports IP voice, video, conference, and fax services at the same time, and provides value-added services at random, such as voice mailbox, auto switchboard, telephone station, call pickup, number roaming, one machine with multiple numbers, and call by user name, bringing efficient communication experience for users. Meanwhile, MyPower VC8100 has an open business interface, and users can introduce more value-added services in the future by adding business servers.


    Complete reliability guarantee

    Cooperating with the MEP MyPower VG series media gateway, MyPower VC8100 supports the auto redundancy and fault protection functions of the IP phone, such as load policy, power-break escape, and smart routing. The call can be allocated to each relay gateway according to a certain policy. When a relay gateway fails, the MyPower VC8100 will automatically route the call to other gateways, enabling IP telephones to achieve PSTN reliability.


    Perfect capacity expansibility

    A single MyPower VC8105 device supports registering 5000 users at most; a single MyPower VC8110 device supports registering 10000 users at most; a single MyPower VC8100 device supports registering 20000 users at most; support cluster deployment, and unlimited expansion of user access.


    Web-based management and maintenance mode

    MyPower VC8100 provides the graphical Web management mode, and the administrator can configure, maintain, and upgrade the device remotely. The administrator can authorize ordinary users to make customized management, and the authorized users can log in to MyPower VC8100 to apply for, provision, and cancel the business. MyPower VC8100 provides rich log information, helping the administrator locate, analyze, and exclude faults. MyPower VC8100 provides a routing plan template to help users optimize voice routing.

Order Information

MyPower VC8100-S

Unified Communication Platform  (UC Software + CentOS)


Register license of 100 Phone Users

MyPower MTCS

Voice conference component


Register license of voice conference, one channel


Register license of call recording, one channel


Call monitoring component