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VC8100 VoIP Softswitch Platform

VC8100 is a VoIP soft switch platform of Maipu that follows RFC3261 SIP2.0 protocol standard. As the signaling foundation of the next generation network, SIP2.0 defines all aspects of the next generation converged communication services. The VC8100 soft switch platform inherits the powerful capabilities of the SIP2.0 system, adopts the self-developed B2BUA architecture, has high-performance VoIP session processing capabilities, and supports rich voice calls and value-added services.

The VC8100 soft switch platform has high reliability and stability. The server software has a built-in service monitoring watchdog that detects all service statuses on the server. When a service fails, the watchdog will quickly restart the service; In addition, the VC8100 server system supports HA. When the primary server has system failures such as operating system failures, it can quickly switch to the standby server to take over the original primary server. Users will not feel the failure.

VC8100 soft switch platform, together with VG7000/VG2000 series media gateways and VEP300 series IP phones, can provide government, financial and enterprise users with cost-effective, highly scalable, multi-service unified communication solutions.

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Product Features

    Hierarchical and decentralized management

    The VC8100 soft switch platform can configure the identification of users and user groups, and modify the authority groups to which users belong, so as to modify the relevant authorities of users.

    Ø  With organization management function

    Ø  With administrator decentralized management function

    Ø  With the function of adding the user number

    Ø  With user function management function


    Rich fundamental voice features

    VC8100 soft switch platform provides basic IP voice call functions, such as call forwarding, call holding, call waiting, call limiting, call parking, call answering, three-way call, caller ID and other basic functions, to meet the needs of daily office communication, and build an efficient, high-value, personalized VoIP communication system for users.


    Value-added voice features

    Ø  VC8100 provides the call center attendant console function. The user calls the attendant console access number. VC8100 triggers the attendant service according to the configuration parameters, and allocates idle seats according to the configured scheduling policy. After the seat answers, it establishes a call with the calling user to provide services. At the same time, the attendant console supports the SDK function and can be docked with the upper application platform of the third-party call center.


    Ø  VC8100 provides telephone conference function, which can be divided into temporary meeting and appointed meeting. Temporary meeting: call the "temporary meeting access number" through the telephone to hold a meeting that starts immediately, and the participants need to be invited by the convener; appointed meeting: the meeting administrator creates a meeting through the Web, creates the meeting date, duration, number of people, access password, and sets the access number for the appointment.


    Ø  VC8100 provides the telephone recording function, and automatically records and saves the telephone call content for future query, management, evidence collection and training. Recording functions mainly include real-time recording, recording file storage, recording query, multi-channel telephone recording, etc. Global recording: recording all calls of a certain number. Dynamic recording: recording a call.


    Ø  The VC8100 provides the telephone monitoring function. During a call, the monitoring user can obtain the call content of the monitored user, and during the monitoring process, the user can forcibly insert, monitor, switch freely during a three-way call, or forcibly interrupt the call.


    High reliability

    VC8100 soft switch platform can manage call route according to number planning, and can set routes to other SIP servers and media gateways. VC8100 soft switch platform has high reliability, and supports auto restart after service failure and dual-machine backup of seamless switching. It has the backup and recovery function of the configuration files of the current system database and service.


    Rich reports

    VC8100 soft switch platform supports query of various voice related reports, including early released telephone report, call record report, operator report, voice queue report, recording report, conference report, etc.



Product Specifications

Performance   Specification

Max. registered SIP users

≥20000 users

Max. Concurrent instant calls

≥1500 calls

Max. Concurrent call recordings


Max. Concurrent   teleconferencing


Max. Concurrent voice mailbox


High Availability (HA)


Standard Protocols

Key Protocol

SIP2.0, RFC3261

G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.726,   iLBC, GSM, OPUS

DTMF, RFC2833, info Mode

T.38 Fax, VBD Fax

Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Voice Mail

Voice recording

Voice conference

Attendant console

Voice monitoring

Standard VoIP   features



Caller ID

For FXS and FXO channels of the   line card, the callee can view the incoming number on the phone after the   caller ID is enabled

Hotline dialing

After off hook, the user can automatically   dial out the configured hotline number without dialing. This function can   improve dialing efficiency

Call waiting

New incoming calls will not be   hung up because the callee is busy. You can choose to wait. After the called   call ends and hangs up, he can answer a new call

Call forwarding

Allow the called party or   caller to forward the incoming call to a specified number

Call transfer

Transfer the incoming call to a   specified number before it is not answered. Support unconditional transfer,   unanswered transfer, busy transfer and offline transfer

Three party call

When the two parties are   talking, they can call a third party user without interrupting the current   call, so that the three parties can talk together

No disturb

When the user does not want   interference from incoming calls, the time can be reasonably arranged by   configuring time rules


Support T.38 and transparent   fax protocol

Black and whitelist

Limit calls by defining the   black and whitelist rules of caller and callee

Call backup

Backup call route can be set.   When VoIP routing fails, the call will be sent to the specified IP or PSTN

Call pickup

When the called user is   ringing, other users can answer the incoming call instead of the ringing user

Call intrude

When user A is talking with   user B, user C can forcibly insert to talk with user A, while user B is kept   waiting

Intercept call

When user A is talking with   user B, user C can forcibly terminate the call

Group ringing

When there is an incoming call,   if the called number matches the number of the group ringing, then all   telephones connected to the FXS port in the group will ring at the same time


Support custom IVR, support   multi-level IVR, customize and upload voice prompts, and meet the application   of switchboard service scenarios

ACD queuing

It supports the ACD queuing   function, unifies the service number externally, supports multiple ACD   instances, and can set different attendant service numbers for different   services according to needs, and set different welcome prompts. ACD supports   a variety of incoming call allocation policies, including polling allocation,   sequence allocation, priority allocation, simultaneous ringing, random   allocation, etc.

Typical Application


Order Information

MyPower   VC8100

V4 version: MyPower VC8100 VoIP softswitch   platform within OS, not include Hardware server


V4 version: VC8100-SIP-L-100 SIP user license   for 100 SIP number


V4 version: VC8100-HA license for High   availability


V4 version: VC8100-MTCL-L-1, Voice   conferencing license per phone number


V4 version: VC8100-MS-L-1, Call recording   license per phone number


V4 version: VC8100-MS-L-1, Call monitoring   license per phone number


V4 version: VC8100-TSDL-L-1, Call center   agent license per phone number


V4 version: VC8100-ICAS-L-1, advanced calling   license per phone number (Such as Call demolition/plugged in)