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VG2000 Series VoIP Gateway

MyPower VG2000 Series is a next-generation VoIP Gateway Series designed and optimized for today’s business telecommunication needs. VG2000 is an affordable, scalable, interoperable, secure and reliable solution which not only provides traditional IP Voice functions, but also many advanced features including Call forwarding, Call waiting, Hotline dialing, IVR record etc.

MyPower VG2000 is access level VoIP gateway. It adopts fixed or Modular design and supports voice interface type, interface quantity, and processing capability configuration as required. It supports FXS, FXO and Voice E1 Interfaces.

MyPower VG2000-8 and VG2000-16 is fixed design which support 8 and 16 Port FXS interfaces, VG2000-32S/48S/64S support 32,48 and 64 Port FXS interfaces, VG2000-32 is modular design which is more flexible to configure different modules as required.

Product Features

    Support 3GPP SIP protocol and interconnection with mainstream SIP server vendors, providing voice service.

    Bring high-quality application experience for users by integrated call quality improvement mechanism

    Provide flexible call policy setting without changing original phone number and calling habit.

    Support upto 64/48/32-Port FXS, 16-Port FXO+16-Port FXS, One E1 links.


    Leading technology

    MyPower VG2000 series VoIP gateway supports the advanced SIP protocol. It can be compatible with the devices of the current mainstream SIP server manufactures and provides leading-edge, multi-protocol, high-availability, and high-quality voice service.

    Open service architecture

    MyPower VG2000 series VoIP gateway can be compatible with the devices of the current mainstream SIP server manufactures. It realizesIP voice andfax service and provides efficient communication experience for users.

    Rich value-added functions

    MyPower VG2000 series VoIP gateway supports PSTN additional service and featured value-added service. It greatly improves the customer work efficiency and VoIP system value.

    Abundant management and maintenance modes

    MyPower VG2000 series VoIP gateway provides standard Telnet and Shell management mode. The administrator can configure, maintain, and upgrade the device remotely. MyPower VG2000 series VoIP gateway also provides abundant log information and helps administrator locate, analyze, and troubleshoot the fault.

Product Specifications

Hardware Specification


MyPower VG2000-8 (V4)

MyPower VG2000-16 (V4)

MyPower VG2000-32S (V4)

MyPower VG2000-48S (V4)

MyPower VG2000-64S (V4)

MyPower VG2000-32 (V4)

Product configuration

10/100M Ethernet interface









System interface

Module interface


4FXS+4FXO Module;

8FXS Module;

Voice E1 Module

Max. Voice interface

8 FXS (VG2000-8);

16 FXS (VG2000-16);

32 FXS (VG2000-32S);

48 FXS (VG2000-48S);

64 FXS (VG2000-64S)

32 FXS;



Max. Voice E1




Ethernet interface

IEEE 802.2 (LLC), IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)

VoIP key protocols

SIP, T38, RFC2833

Voice coding

G.711, G.723, G.729

Compressed voice transmission


Management mode

SNMP, Shell

Echo suppression

G.168–2000 compliant

Voice activation/Comfort noise


Signaling detection and generation


System performance

Long call/Long call retention rate

> 99%

Multichannel call completing rate

> 90%

Physical index

H x W x D (mm)


Power requirements

AC input voltage

90 – 265V

Frequency (Hz)

50 – 60Hz

Maximum power consumption (W)


Environmental parameter

Work temperature

0℃ – 40℃

Work humidity

0% – 90%, non-condensing

Software feature

Network protocol


SIP 2.0

3GPP Release 10

Media transmission



IP application




Ping, Trace

Coding capability









Key Functions

Call pick-up

Phone subscriber configuration

Caller display and identification

Call forwarding (call forwarding on busy, call forwarding no reply, call forwarding unconditional)

Call waiting

Hotline dialing

Busy tone automatic identification

IVR record

Order Information

Product Model


VG2000-32  Model

MyPower VG2000-32

V4 Version: MyPower VG2000-32, Voice Gateway Host, 5 Slots, 1 Slots for Voice E1 Module, 4 slots for FXS and FXO Module, Two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC Power Supply

MyPower VG2000-1RE1

V4 Version: Voice E1 Module

MyPower VG2000-4S4O

V4 Version: 4-Port FXS + 4-Port FXO Module

MyPower VG2000-8FXS

V4 Version: 8-Port FXS Module

VG2000-16&VG2000-8 Model

MyPower VG2000-64S

V4 Version: MyPowerVG2000-64S Voice Gateway, fixed 64-Port FXS interface, two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC power   supply.

MyPower VG2000-48S

V4 Version: MyPowerVG2000-48S Voice Gateway, fixed 48-Port FXS interface, two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC power   supply.

MyPower VG2000-32S

V4 Version: MyPowerVG2000-32S Voice Gateway, fixed 32-Port FXS interface, two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC power   supply.

MyPower VG2000-16

V4 Version: MyPowerVG2000-16 Voice Gateway, fixed 16-Port FXS interface, two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC power   supply.

MyPower VG2000-8

V4 Version: MyPowerVG2000-8 Voice Gateway, fixed 8-Port FXS interface, two 100M Ethernet Interfaces, AC power adaptor