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Maipu VG7000 Core VoIP Gateway

Maipu VG7000 VoIP gateway is the unified communication series high-end voice gateway of Maipu. It adopts modular design, high-density E1/FXO/FXS voice ports, dual-control redundancy and dual-power supply redundancy. All cards support hot-swap, meeting the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises and operators for device stability. Maipu VG7000 supports flexible voice call policies without changing the original phone number and dialing habits; supports rich value-added service functions, meeting the personalized needs of different customers, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Product Features

    Advanced Hardware design

    VG7000 VoIP gateway adopts full modular hardware design. It supports the user to customize the VoIP system as required by current network architecture and construction requirement. This can protect the current investment, reduce construction and upgrade cost. The main control module and power supply module support hot backup, power-off/network disconnection escape and other functions, and uplink link backup function. All modules support hot-swap to ensure high reliability of the system.

    Large-capacity voice access capability

    VG7000 can support up to 16 E1 relay interfaces and support SS7, PRI, No 1 signaling. At the same time, it also supports a maximum of 192 FXO interfaces or 576 FXS interfaces, which is suitable for serving as a core voice gateway for IMS services of large enterprise users and operators.

    Rich value-added functions

    VG7000 has rich call services, which can meet the call needs of enterprises in a variety of scenarios with the help of Maipu VC8100 soft-switch platform, such as caller ID, hotline dialing, call waiting, call forwarding, no interference, call transfer, call forced insertion, call forced removal, three-party call, group ringing, black and white list and other services, IVR navigation, ACD queuing, black and white list, hotline function and other voice value-added services.

    Service reliability

    VG7000 supports dual-home routing and can be registered to two Maipu VC8100 soft-switch servers at the same time. When the primary server cannot handle SIP calls, it can automatically switch to the standby server to backup services, improving service reliability.

    Voice encryption

    Support TSL protocol encryption and SRTP voice encryption, ensuring the security of call information.

    Smart management and maintenance

    Provide CLI and web management modes. Administrators can configure and manage remotely and display interface status in real time. Provide rich log information to facilitate fault location, analysis and troubleshooting.

Product Specifications

Hardware Specification

Model Name

MyPower VG7000



Storage(SD Card)


USB2.0 interface


Console interface


Debug interface


Slot Configuration

Control engine slots


E1 module slots


DSP module slots


FXO/FXS module slots


FAN module slots


Power module slots


Network Interface

Ethernet interfaces

3*1000M RJ45, 1*1000M Combo(RJ45/SFP)

Voice Interfaces

Max. E1 interfaces


Max. FXO interfaces


Max. FXS interfaces


Voice Protocol

Ethernet protocol

IEEE 802.2, IEEE 802.3

VoIP protocols

SIP2.0, 3GPP Release 10

Voice coding

G.711a, G.711u, G.723, G.729

FAX protocol

T38, Transparent

Trunk protocol

CAS: Analog CO trunk, No.1

SIP trunk

Clock resource

Local clock, E1 clock

Compressed voice transmission


IP Protocol

SNMP, CLI, Ping, Trace, DHCP, FTP, DNS

Echo suppression

G.168–2000 compliant

Voice activation/Comfort noise


DTMF Signaling detection

RFC2833, In band, INFO

Payload adjustment


Silence suppression


Echo cancellation


Comfort noise


Jitter Buffer


FXS&FXO bundling


FXO power-off escape




IMS Features

Support country code/region code prefix

Support 401 to carry poq field

Support Tel URI resolution

Support Service-route

Support Prack

Support SBC registration

Support differentiated ringing

System performance

Long call retention rate


Physical index

H*W*D (mm)


Power parameter

AC input voltage

AC: 90-265V

DC input voltage

DC: 192~288V

Environmental parameter

Working temperature


Working humidity

0%-90%, non-condensing

Value-added features



Caller ID

For FXS and FXO channels of the line card, the callee can view the incoming number on the phone after the caller ID is enabled

Hotline dialing

After off hook, the user can automatically dial out the configured hotline number without dialing. This function can improve dialing efficiency

Call waiting

New incoming calls will not be hung up because the callee is busy. You can choose to wait. After the called call ends and hangs up, he can answer a new call

Call forwarding

Allow the called party or caller to forward the incoming call to a specified number

Call transfer

Transfer the incoming call to a specified number before it is not answered. Support unconditional transfer, unanswered transfer, busy transfer and offline transfer

Three party call

When the two parties are talking, they can call a third party user without interrupting the current call, so that the three parties can talk together

No disturb

When the user does not want interference from incoming calls, the time can be reasonably arranged by configuring time rules


Support T.38 and transparent fax protocol

Black and white list

Limit calls by defining the black and white list rules of caller and callee

Call backup

Backup call route can be set. When VoIP routing fails, the call will be sent to the specified IP or PSTN

Call pickup

When the called user is ringing, other users can answer the incoming call instead of the ringing user

Call intrude

When user A is talking with user B, user C can forcibly insert to talk with user A, while user B is kept waiting

Intercept call

When user A is talking with user B, user C can forcibly terminate the call

Group ringing

When there is an incoming call, if the called number matches the number of the group ringing, then all telephones connected to the FXS port in the group will ring at the same time


Support custom IVR, support multi-level IVR, customize and upload voice prompts, and meet the application of switchboard service scenarios

ACD queuing

It supports the ACD queuing function, unifies the service number externally, supports multiple ACD instances, and can set different attendant service numbers for different services according to needs, and set different welcome prompts. ACD supports a variety of incoming call allocation policies, including polling allocation, sequence allocation, priority allocation, simultaneous ringing, random allocation, etc

Order Information

Product Model


MyPower VG7000-08

Mypower VG7000-08, voice gateway mainframe, including two main control card slots, two DSP card slots, two digital relay slots, six line card slots, two power supply slots, and one fan slot, height 5U


VM7-MPUA, the voice gateway control module, provides three 100/1000Mbps electrical ports and one 100/1000Mbps combo port (RJ45 + SFP), and supports hot-swap.


VM7-8E1, voice gateway E1 digital relay module, providing 8-way E1 access, supporting hot-swap


VM7-64FXS32FXO, voice gateway FXS + FXO module, providing 64 FXS interfaces and 32 FXO access, supporting hot-swap


VM7-96FXS, voice gateway FXS module, providing 96 FXS interfaces and supporting hot-swap


VM7-1DSP, voice gateway DSP module, providing 100 concurrent calls and supporting hot-swap


VM7-2DSP, voice gateway DSP module, providing 200 concurrent calls and supporting hot-swap


FAN-05D-01B, voice gateway fan module, supporting hot-swap


AD800-1D005M power module, 100-240V AC input or DC 192-288V high voltage DC input, supporting hot-swap